Recall the Fun of Drawing with Your iPad.

Uncle Sand is an incredible application that allows you to produce touching sand drawings with your fingers. With only a few finger movements, you could realize all imaginations and reproduce the greatest times on your iPad.

Different from other applications, Uncle Sand exploits the multi-touch feature of iPad to offer you with the most fantastic experie
nces and fun of sand drawing, and the produces sand drawings with high-quality light and shadow effects. Moreover, you could save the whole drawing process, integrate background music, replay your drawings, and even share your great work with your friends on Facebook.
Don’t hesitate—with Uncle Sand, you could also be a legendary artist. Try it now!

Uncle Sand,是一套沙畫軟體。透過模擬沙子的灑落、和手的撥弄,讓你能自由發揮想像力,創造屬於出自己的沙畫。